Things To Never Ignore in the Winter

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When the snow starts coming down, the last thing you want to do is go out and work in it. However, when you avoid some situations, you’re going to end up making things worse for yourself in the long run. Here are some things you should never ignore in the winter.

Shovel the Snow

While it’s no fun to go out and shovel snow, it’s a necessary evil of living in a cold climate. When you allow snow to build up, it takes much longer to melt, and when it does melt, the snowmelt builds up on the ground and freezes into lakes of ice under the snow. The longer the snow melts and refreezes into ice, the thicker the ice will be.

Ice build-up is dangerous to walk on and even more dangerous to drive on. When you notice that the snow is starting to stick, go out and clean your driveway and walkways and watch how much snow you get for the rest of the day. You might find that you have to do snow removal Boston MA a few times a day if you’re getting heavy snowfall.

Keep Gutters Clean

If you didn’t clean your gutters before the snow started to fall, then you’ll likely find that you have to use your hands or a trowel to clean them out. Leaving your gutters full of leaves and debris will mean that rain and melting snow can’t adequately drain, causing them to back up onto the roof and on the fascia boards. When this happens, the wood that the water comes in contact with can get saturated and start to rot, which means you could have some significant repairs to do in the spring. All of that is avoidable by keeping your gutters clean.

If you can’t stand cleaning the gutters, consider installing gutter guards to keep the debris out. Or, you can hire a service to clean them for you.