Smart Tips for Nursing Homes

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Around the world, nursing homes are becoming increasingly popular.

In the US, for example, roughly 1.5 million people live in nursing homes – which is a lot of people. Additionally, in the UK, almost 500,000 people live in care homes.

This paints a perfect picture: nursing homes are being embraced rather than dismissed.

In the past, nursing homes were feared by elderly people and were often seen as a last resort. However, due to modern advancements, care homes are now much more welcoming – which gives family members the peace of mind to allow their elders to go into nursing homes.

So, if you’re the owner or employee of nursing home, here are some smart tips for you to know.

These tips will help you to provide better service and attract more residents to your home. 

Make the Bedrooms as Comfortable as Possible

Arguably, bedrooms are the most important parts of nursing homes. Here, residents get much-needed rest and spend the most time – which is why it’s vital that they’re as comfortable as possible.

In fact, when potential residents and their family members come to check out your nursing home, the bedrooms will be a deal breaker. If they aren’t up to standard, they will look elsewhere!

As a starting point, you should provide residents with different types of beds to choose from which will vary according to their physical needs. For example, some residents will want standard nursing beds, whilst others will want low beds.

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Listen to Feedback 

Nobody knows their own bodies better than elderly people. This is why it’s essential to listen to their feedback – as they know exactly what they’re talking about.

For example, some elderly people might need extra care and delicacy when a nurse is transporting them from one room to another. So, if they tell you to be more careful with them, make sure to take this onboard.

Allow Family Members and Friends to Easily Visit

During the past couple of years, it has been very difficult for some nursing home residents to see their loved ones due to lockdowns and restrictions.

However, all of this is now coming to an end, which means nursing homes must go the extra mile to make it easy for family members and friends to visit.

They should be able to contact you via phone call or messaging to arrange a visiting time. Upon arrival, they should be greeted in a friendly manner and made to feel welcome.

Also, visitors should be given all the guidance they need regarding COVID-19 testing and mask wearing to ensure that no rules are broken. 

Use Community Doctors and Dentists 

Often, nursing home residents are physically unable to visit the doctors or dentists that are nearby. The solution to this is to use community doctors and dentists. These doctors and dentists will be able to visit your nursing home on a frequent basis to conduct checkups as well as make any prescriptions that need to be done.