The Best Restaurants in Little Rock

Little Rock stands out amongst the rest of the country because of its sublime taste. Although many aren’t sure what type of food to expect when they arrive, by the time they leave, they’re pros in the culinary world of fantastic bistros, awesome sushi, and incredible European classics.

These are the top restaurants in Little Rock and why they’re so amazing.

Brave New Restaurant

Upscale eateries are getting increasingly popular in Little Rock, and Brave New Restaurant is no different! This awesome upscale eatery has everything from chocolate creme brulee to fresh fish and everything in between. The dishes are incredibly flavorful, and although this is the most expensive stop on this list, it’s worth it for a great occasion. Many say this is where they celebrate birthdays and anniversaries!

Copper Grill

If you’re ready for a trendy lunch after a long morning of looking at Little Rock houses for sale, it’s time to check out the Copper Grill! Opening every day at 11 am, Copper Grill is a gorgeous bistro that offers classic Americana dishes and an extensive wine list.

The beautiful surroundings, fresh ingredients, and delicious flavors will ensure you always want to go back for another dish. Although there are plenty of options, locals say the grilled salmon and pear salad with grilled chicken are the two dishes you should check out!

The Pantry Eatery

Sometimes we want flavors that are comforting but new; the Pantry Restaurant is sure to offer that to anyone who wants it! This cozy and affordable restaurant has Czech and German dishes that will warm you up from the inside out.

This incredibly affordable European restaurant gives you the chance to expand your horizons while still tasting familiar and homey in so many wonderful ways. Fans of the restaurant can’t stop raving about the cheesecake, which has been a hit since the day it opened its doors.


Sushi is always a hit, and Little Rock knows how to do it better! Nearly a thousand reviews have Kemuri listed at 4.9 stars out of five, which makes it the highest-ranking restaurant on this list! From classic rolls to Chilean sea bass, every bite you take is fantastic. There’s even a scallop bake appetizer that’s so tasty you’ll want to order it as your entire meal. Locals are serious about this restaurant, and since it’s open before noon, it’s a great brunch spot!

YaYas Euro Bistro

After a long day, there’s nothing as refreshing as Mediterranean food in a gorgeous restaurant. From Wagyu strip steak to truffle mac and cheese, you’ll love the fun mix of new and old here, with pizza and pasta to die for. The food is surprisingly affordable, giving you the chance to enjoy incredible meals that offer delicious bite after delicious bite without leaving you overly full and bloated afterward.

This restaurant is perfect for anything from date nights to fun outings and should be a top contender on your list of places to eat tonight!