How to Receive International Payments in Norway

Working remotely, with all its potentially attending stress is enough trouble to deal with, and adding the headache of having to monitor delayed payments sent from some international location to Norway, is likely to make such transactions lose taste altogether.

Choosing the best transfer service will not only save you a whole lot of hassle but is also likely to cut costs. However, there are several competent online transfer services that you could choose. Choice in itself, could, however, pose another scale of difficulty. The various available services come with different features, some with hidden changes, others with exchange rates that vary with transfer volume, and other such factors. So, we have taken the trouble of highlighting the essential attributes to look out for, to avoid having your money get stuck for several days, or getting a surprise from service deductions made on your money.


  • Peruse a couple of reviews


Perhaps it never crossed your mind to check with local review sites for recommendations on the best online transfer services for Norway. Local review sites will help you throw light on the pros and cons of using a particular service in Norway. However, since the service concerned involves money, which you do not want to lose, it would be better to stick with reputable review sites like Norskeanmeldelser.


  • Check for cross-compatibility


Whichever transfer service you decide to use has to be such that is supported in the country of the entity making the transfer and in also in Norway. In effect, the service should be able to convert the sender’s currency to Norwegian Krone, without the usual exchange rates charged by conventional banks and bureaus.


  • Evaluate the service charges


After earmarking a list of reputable and safe transfer services that would work well for your transaction, narrowing down to the best that suits your need is the next step. When we talk about your needs, we mean saving costs. Check for the amount that the different services on your list would charge for receiving money from the country which you are expecting funds.

It would not hurt either to check for charges of sending money out of Norway to choose international destinations, and this information would likely be of help when you have to make transfers to those locations in the future. Transfer services are known to adjust their charges based on the volume of currency being wired. With foreknowledge of the amount that you are expecting, picking the service to get the money into your local account with minimal charges becomes easy. Companies like TransferWise charge service rates of as low as 0.35 percent of the transfer amount.


  • Do some findings of the service’s convenience and accountability


You cannot be too careful when it comes to virtual transactions, with the ubiquity of hackers that nose around e-commerce service providers, in a bid to harvest from the vulnerable organizations. It would be best to understand the security level of the service you are patronizing. And if something happens …

Benefits of Using VoIP for Remote Work

With remote work becoming more and more common, it is important to constantly evaluate the effectiveness of communication between employees. Switching to VoIP is a great way to streamline communication and collaboration within your business. Below are a few of the benefits of using VoIP with your employees working from home. 

Separate Work From Personal Life

VoIP gives employees the luxury to keep their cell phone to strictly their personal life, instead of using it to juggle work as well. This increases productivity during the workday because employees are less likely to be interrupted by personal calls and texts while on a conference call. It also allows better quality downtime when they are clocked out for the day. 

Keep In Contact Long Distance

For remote workers who are traveling, sometimes cell reception can be spotty or nonexistent. Being able to keep in contact with these employees regardless of where they are, is extremely beneficial. VoIP plans are more expansive than cell providers in where they are able to offer service. 

Come Together For Group Calls 

VoIP makes conference and video calls easier and more streamlined, which is an important part of building community and friendship when your company is majority remote. Being able to have meetings, or even social gatherings, via video calls, drastically improves the work environment, and VoIP makes it easy to do that without worrying about dropped calls or bad connections. 

Increase Productivity

It is well-known that employees who have a good relationship with their employers and coworkers are happier. Happy employers are more productive. Being able to have fast and easy communication within your company will decrease chances of miscommunication that so often causes people to stress and feel anxious about their job. Good communication builds trust, which leads to a more productive workforce. 

VoIP should be a consideration for any business, but especially businesses with a high number of telecommuting employees. Switching will help to improve not just your business, but the lives of your employees as well. …