Dedicated Server Hosting a Complete Satisfaction – Onlive Server

Unsatisfied with the service level of your current hosting company and looking for a better option; then Onlive Server is the answer. The Company offers UK based dedicated server hosting that gives your company a head start and is extremely reliable. Your dedicated hosting is performance-based and has set high standards in the hosting sector. Onlive Server hosting services include hosted Microsoft Exchange, hosted SharePoint services, live communication servers, and more. It is the one-stop shop for UK dedicated server hosting needs and ensures that you get the most suitable hosting services for your business needs in an affordable way. The main feature of Onlive Server is that it works in a highly secure and redundant hosting network. This hosting network can process hundreds of thousands of websites and millions of emails a day.

The Onlive Server network is completely overlaid with load-balanced front-end servers, cluster back-end servers and fiber channel storage networks. Ultimately, this ensures that your hosting applications are fully optimized and work 24/7 without a break. The Company’s cheap dedicated server hosting is accompanied by default by dedicated fault-tolerant servers. This means full management service including patches and backups down to the application level.

Onlive Server also offers to re-localize your web servers in its data center with stable internet bandwidth and performance. In this way, you can usually remotely restart using a secure web browser.

The Company offer dedicated server hosting is divided into three different types. These three different types are as follows:

* Standard Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

* Professional Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

* Premium Dedicated Server Hosting.

All three of these types of dedicated server hosting are designed so that the customer can choose one based on business needs and requirements.

The Company dedicated server hosting is equipped with the following functions:

* 1 TB web space

* Unlimited bandwidth traffic

* Intel Xeon Processor with 4 CORE and up to 16 GB of RAM

* 2 Static IP addresses

* Company level firewall

* Anti-spam filtering

* Antivirus filtering

All of these functions offer the following advantages:

* Considerable to reduce the IT maintenance and support service costs

* Significantly increase the performance and availability of your website application

* A reduction in your business travel expenses

* Increase sales by using the Microsoft Shared Hosting platform along with their internet marketing services

* The main reason is to also reduce your business risks by service infrastructure to them

* They are experts in the operation of 24×7 systems and contribute to increasing your reliability and scalability.

UK Dedicated Server Hosting

UK dedicated server, provides a way to partition a server computer into multiple servers. In this way, each server has the facade and the functions that can be carried out on its own computer or computer. Whenever a server is hosted, a full-fledged operating system can run and restart each server independently.

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