Impact of AWS on Cloud Jobs

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, which is a type of cloud service from Amazon. It gives out services in the form of building blocks, which can be further used to create and develop various types of applications in the cloud. These building blocks are supposed to work together to create a more worldly and highly extensible range of applications. 


Reasons for choosing AWS

  1. It’s the number one cloud platform Amazon Web Services (AWS) is at the top of the list in the public cloud. In the laaS platform, AWS is the market leader. It has grown drastically over the years in or about the laaS platform. 


  1. Rapid Growth Rate –AWS had entered the platform since early 2006, which gives it a head start of 7 long years. It took this as its advantage and became the fastest-growing cloud platform. 


  1. IT professions need mandatory Cloud Proficiency –There are over 50% of IT professionals that have a preference towards AWS. AWS is becoming popular amongst some of the enterprises. It guarantees a better and secure platform for IT professionals. 


AWS series contains a various range of courses that provide accurate, detailed learning. In order to take this course, it requires an immense amount of time, dedication and effort. Successfully attaining the AWS certificate proves rather advantageous in the career path, employment and also salary. Almost more than 54% of cloud architects have an employee with AWS certification. 


Benefits of AWS in Cloud Computing Jobs 


  1. It adds value to the resume – Nowadays, most of the employers give more importance to the candidates with AWS Certification. It catches the attention of the recruiter rather quickly and easily. Possessing and AWS certificate implies that you’re gradually and continuously updating your knowledge about cloud computing and have a dedication towards your career. 


  1. Increases your market Appeal – Possessing an AWS Certificate helps you achieve a good or higher-paying post in an organisation. With an AWS Certificate, you can demand a better salary compared to others. 


  1. Greater opportunities – Most of the enterprises that have adopted AWS technology have a lot of job opportunities. The demand for AWS professionals has increased by 400% in the past five years, and it is yet to increase even more.


  1. Career improvement –Having an AWS certificate guarantees better job opportunities with a high paying salary. It also guarantees a stable and long-lasting career.


Learning AWS

With the reasons mentioned about AWS, it is clearer that AWS as a career is way stable and better paying than the rest. It is rather important to know and learn the skills needed in this platform. To learn AWS, you must select the resources carefully and effectively, to attain the certificates by completing the courses and by selecting the right role or path of yourself. 


AWS Certifications 


With the increasing growth of the AWS platform, AWS training has also gained some popularity. AWS Certifications are categorised into four types, such as:


  1. Foundation Certificate –This course gives a basic understanding of how AWS works or operates. It acts as a starting point to move forward with the next levels of AWS Certifications
  1. Associate Certification –It has three categories of certifications, such as AWS Solutions Architect- Associate, AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate, AWS Certified Developer – Associate. This course teaches everything about AWS Architecture, operations, and development. 


  1. Professional Certificate – It is in two categories such as AWS Solutions Architect – Professional, AWS DevOps Engineer – Professional. It gives a detailed knowledge of AWS architecture and engineering. 


  1. Specialty Certificate – It is divided into two categories, such as Security – Speciality and Big Data – Speciality. It includes an in-depth explanation of advanced or specialised areas of AWS. 



AWS is a great option – There are various cloud computing domains like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and many others are more inclined towards AWS as it provides a more stable and secure platform. The data in this platform is protected by several layers of security. It is not an expensive course and can be bought easily through Amazon. It doesn’t require any specialised qualifications to take up the course. You can attend the lectures according to your choice of time. It is also a low budget platform for organisations or enterprise to purchase without minimum cost. AWS is becoming the choice of many as it is a leader in the cloud computing sector as it has third share while Microsoft Azure has 18% of the share. 


Getting an AWS Certification for a secure future is never too late, you can start learning anytime with immense hard work and commitment to the course you choose.