6 Reasons Why Gold Remains a Lucrative Investment

With prices hitting a six-year high, should you invest in gold? | Financial  Times

Everything may fall but never gold. The statement may seem disputable, but it goes a long way to affirm the enviable position the commodity occupies in society.

Even when other major investments tend to fail, the value of gold never seems to falter. Instead, it keeps appreciating the more. And this is one of the reasons why investors look toward it in times of economic hardship, like some sure security.

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Now, let’s see some reasons why you should bank on gold to attain financial wellbeing.

  • Universal Appeal

Gold is a much-loved commodity across the world. It is like a universal language understood across geographical, political and cultural stratifications. It is not bound by any of those. Perhaps, that is why many cultures still lay claim to its origin.

  • Its Value Always Tend to Appreciate

Gold has been touted to be the only commodity that is most likely not to fail you when it comes to investment. This is partly because its value hardly correlates with economic realities at most times.

It has been observed time and time again, that when other investments plummet or when economic situations are dire, gold tends to maintain its value or even rise.

  • It Has Rich History

Gold is one commodity with a rich history. Ancient civilizations from Egypt, to Rome, to the Ottoman Empire in Turkey, were all known to have made use of and traded in gold. It was a symbol of absurd wealth, dominion and royalty in some parts. And that is why it is still highly regarded as a symbol of power.

  • Gold is a Long Term Investment

Gold thrives better in the long term. Thus it will be more suitable as a form of storage for future use. Investors that are looking for very long term investments should consider dealing in gold.

  • It Comes in Different Forms

Gold can exist in various manners. It is well known to have a rigid spot in the world of fashion. Gold accessories like jewellery are very popular. It is a great part of the conjugal culture in places like India and Pakistan. This versatility simply means you can invest in gold in various forms as much as you can.

  • It Never Goes Out of Fashion

Gold is one commodity that no one gets tired of. It tends to wax stronger even when other things are crumbling. It is a commodity that can’t be easily gotten rid of or be overshadowed by another in value and general appeal. This uniqueness is not rivalled by any other commodity.

In essence, we are saying that investing in gold is a proven route to attaining financial stability. Its value tends to be more favourable in the long term. Thus, it is something you should consider as an investor.