4 Essentials for the Home Office

8 Home Office Essentials That'll Supercharge Your Productivity

When you start a job, you get a little spot that is yours. That area may become your home away from home for a bit, and so you’re likely to add pictures. Ultimately, though, you have little control over the space and decor. Management is left to establish the environment. But, when you start working from home, the options increase. Sure, you have challenges, but you also gain some ability to make your desk personal and meshes with your work personality. Here are four ways to make working from home convenient, enjoyable and fun.

1. Add a Beverage Station

Find a spot for a small refrigerator and a coffee maker. This beverage area should be convenient and stocked with water. Why should you add this to your office rather than head to the kitchen? The walk from the office to the other location breaks the work mentality. You may start to look around and think about the housework that should be done. Avoid seeing dishes and dust.

2. Think About Entertainment and Relaxation Times

Design an atmosphere that is cheerful and relaxing by making it in tune with your own interests and work habits. Do you like to listen to podcasts? Do you perform better with smooth jazz in the background? If so, then have a music system conveniently near your desk. Simply play at your leisure.

Don’t let the television tempt you in the living room. When you need energy, head outside for a walk. Do a bit of stretching in the corner of the office.

Also, aromatherapy may set up a soothing aura. Consider using lavender or peppermint for relaxation. If you’re looking for an energy boost, try a citrus scent instead.

3. Pick the Right Furniture

Select a desk and chair that are comfy for long periods of time. You want to avoid backaches and cramps. The desk should have plenty of storage. Search for desk chairs for home offices that emphasize movement and support.

For those that need a bit more energy release, invest in an exercise system that goes under the desk. You can pedal while you type.

4. Noise Cancelling Headphones and Blue Tooth Connection

Proper headgear blocks out the home’s other noises (kids and spouses) and gives you the freedom to focus and communicate no matter where you are.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones are ideal for people who like a mid-day walk. You stay connected to work, but you can get in a bit of fresh air.

One of the best parts about working from home is the chance to make your office yours. Consider how you function best and then center the office design around those specifications.