Facts about cannabis and their effects

Cannabis is the most commonly used drug worldwide. It is a mood altering drug that affects almost every part of the body. There is numerous health concern of the cannabis. THC is the key substance of the cannabis; the effects of cannabis include mood changes and disruption to normal learning abilities.

Facts on cannabis:

  • The primary psychoactive ingredient of cannabis is tetrahydro-cannabinol (THC).
  • Cannabis contains more than 113 cannabinoids.
  • The effect of cannabis use provides a feeling of relaxation, increased appetite, and lower blood pressure.

What is cannabis?

Cannabis is derived from hemp plant. Cannabis has been used from several years but human being for seed oil, seed, recreationally and medical treatment. Cannabis can be smoked, inhaled through vapour, applied as a balm, and eaten in products such as cookies, brownies. Medical cannabis is used to treat chronic pain, sleep disturbance and many other health issues. The research have shown that the ingredient THC included in cannabis mild to moderate for pain killing effects. It is used for pain killing treatments.

When cannabis is consumed for recreational purpose, following effects are possible:

  • Increased heart rate
  • More rapid breathing
  • Impairment of concentration and memory
  • Reduction in blood pressure
  • Increase in appetite
  • Mood swings and change in perception

Effects are based on the length and the amount of cannabis used. The effect of the drug will depend on the size, weight and the age of person. Whether you can handle big amount of dose but it will have adverse impact on your body in future.

Negative consequences of cannabis consumption:

Excessive use of cannabis may cause many health related problems. Doctors advised to do not use cannabis for long time because regular use of drug my depend you to use them regular in the same quantity dose. If you withdraw the weed after using many years then your will face many symptoms in which some are remain for little time but disruption in sleep will affect you for long time.

Medical use:

Many researchers are investigating the medical uses of cannabidiol that does not have psychoactive effect. This drug is helpful in relieving pain and inflammation and also possibility of mental illness and dependence. Many doctors and researchers are looking at the cannabis extracts to target and kill cancer cells in any particular treatment with different therapy. Many medical companies are engaged in making new innovation in this field and want that every person should know the uses and risk of taking the cannabis oil and the right amount of the cannabis to be used.

How to get the cannabis easily?

In many countries it is legal to use and sale cannabis. So there you can get the quality cannabis at every medical store and also in online dispensaries. But there are few places left where cannabis is banned. But it is used for medical purpose in almost every country. The companies provide quality cannabis on the suitable prices so a large number of people can take the advantages. Online dispensaries make it easy for all the people to get their desired product easily.