Aurelien’s suggestions of using the multi utility pressure cooker

1Now, I am going to discuss about one of the latest arrivals in the household appliance, which is named as the prestige multi utility pressure cooker. It is a new fantastic pressure cooker that helps you to prepare the healthy meals with premium class than normal pressure cooker. Are you looking for the best and ultimate pressure cooker for making meals, you just prefer to buy this stunning multi utility pressure cooker.

Here are the important things to be considered before using this multi utility pressure cooker that I have learned from my own experience and would like to share with you:

  • When I started to use this pressure cooker in my kitchen it was completely new to me and took some hours to understand the utility functions.
  • Before cooking, you must know how much liquid need to add on this cooker. It is all a quite confusing for me at the beginning.
  • If you are thinking about the usage of this multi utility pressure cooker, I will guide you by listing out some of the essential cooking terms that you need to know before cooking that includes,

Quick release and natural release

After finishing your cooking, you have dual options to release the pressure from your cooker such as,

Quick release– It allows you to instant release the pressure after you have done cooking by pressing or turning the pressure release valve. Usually, you can follow this method to release the pressure for foods that takes about 1 or 2 minutes.

Natural release– It means you can drop down the pressure slowly from your cooker. This release method is specifically helpful for foods such as dried beans during cooking. It can take about 12 to 15 minutes to release the pressure.

High, medium and low pressure

Initially, this step can be very daunting for me. I don’t know the right pressure option while cooking. After that, I have learned that you can use high, medium or low based on what you cook. Normally, not all the pressure cookers have a medium pressure option, but this stunning multi utility pressure cooker has a medium option to use.

Pressure indicator

This indicator is available on the lid of your pressure cooker. The pressure indicator has a small pin that will pop up when the pressure cooker has attained the exact pressure. When this pin drops down, your pressure has dropped. In some cases, this pressure indicator is also considered as a locking indicator.

Steam condensation collector

It is very tiny and plastic container that can be used to lock the sides of a pressure cooker. You make sure to lock the cooker properly and then carry and collect the condensation while cooking.

Gasket sealing ring

It is also known as silicone sealing ring located at the inside lid of a pressure cooker. When you cook, this ring will create a tight seal and do not let any air come out.

Apart from this, I would also like to share some important things about this multi utility pressure cooker that includes:

  • First of all, you should know the exact time, how long you will take to cook.
  • Before cooking, you should know how much minimum or maximum liquid needed for your food.
  • Make sure do not try to open the lid of a pressure cooker during cooking. If you want to open, you just turn off the cooker and then release the pressure completely out before you open the cooker.

Hope, these above steps can be very helpful for you about this latest amazing multi utility pressure cooker. If you have any queries and want to know more, please share them in a below comment section. I will add them into the above lists.

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